The Plantation Garden is a Grade II English Heritage registered garden close to Norwich City centre, next to the Catholic Cathedral.

The Garden comprises nearly 3 acres and its features include a Gothic fountain, flower beds, lawns, an Italianate terrace, ‘Medieval’ wall, summer-house, woodland walkways and a rustic bridge. It is an idiosyncratic garden, a haven of peace and tranquillity and a glimpse into a bygone age.



Only 11 days to the threatened closure of Plantation Garden by the MJB Hotel owner.

The support from all of you out there who follow the social media is so heart warming and gives such support to the trustees who are dealing with this.

There is no real change today, but I have had a very positive comment from a prominent local firm of solicitors that we have asked for help to us as the Garden.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the City Council at a high level as they are very concerned and we need to work together to resolve the access.

Clive Lewis, our MP, has been in contact to support us.

Roger Connah


Thank you all for the amazing reaction to the proposed closure of our garden. The headline in the Evening News of “OUT OF BOUNDS” also really hurt.

Our position is clear in that we have a lease from the City Council which includes a right of way over the entrance drive to the Plantation Hotel. This right is legally binding as it was reserved in the original sale of the hotel years ago. It is the only access to the Garden and if we are locked out this is a legal breach which will have to be challenged.

Despite asking we have no information from MJB Hotels about their investigations into a sinkhole under Plantation Hotel and the suggestion that there may be a problem under our Garden is not based on any professional advice shown to us.  We all know that this part of Norwich has many old mines and shafts ranging from 150 years old to over 500 years. Large areas of the City are affected but the collapses are rare and advice we have received indicates that nearly all such events are caused by water leakage and indeed that was what happened in the 1988 sinkage under the bus.

After the sinkhole appeared next door in April we have monitored our site including the access  and we have no indications of a problem and I regard the assertions in the newspaper article as unsubstantiated hearsay.

Our insurance policy is provided by the City Council in their own  cover and officers are checking the legal and insurance situation currently. We have to give them a reasonable time to do this, but by the middle of the week we will be only 10 days away from the deadline from MJB.

A campaign to prevent closure or open the access if closed will commence if we can see no action in stopping this unkind act.  Thank you all so much for your support and for the many offers of financial and physical help. We will not ignore these and the public concern and pressure will result in us all enjoying the Plantation Garden this summer.

Please keep in contact with us through our Facebook page: “The Plantation Garden”  and our website : “plantationgarden.co.uk

and also the Facebook page “Secret Norwich”

Thank you all so much.   Roger Connah , Chairman of the Plantation Garden Preservation Trust.


The response by so many in a few hours after the news about the intended closure of Plantation Garden is a great support to us as the trustees.

The Garden remains open as usual with the deadline of closure still 13 days away on 27th January.

We have a lease from the City Council and with their help I hope to resolve this unnecessary action. I will keep you all posted and  please keep an eye on our facebook page and website.

 Roger Connah , chairman.





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