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Source: detail from a photograph (PGPT019) taken by ‘John Gavin, Artist, 85, St Giles St., Norwich (Only Address)’. Original in PG archive. Re-photographed in 1998 by Sarah Cocke.

The Palm House and Winter garden. This large glass house (octagon 29′ across, rectangle 35′ x 15′) was presumably erected in 1871, since that is the date on a brick in the adjacent ‘medieval’ wall, which acts as a retaining wall for the level area where the Palm House stands.

It was built by Boulton and Paul, an important engineering firm in Norwich in the 19c and much of the 20c. From their catalogue we know that it was heated by 1000′ of hot water piping. The structure was demolished early in the 20c and the site became a rose garden (cf PGPT152).