PGPT008 and PGPT009

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PGPT008 and PGPT009
Date: 1897
Source: Spelman (auctioneers) included these photographs in their particulars of sale of the lease of the Plantation house and garden and other properties owned by Henry Trevor. The sale was held after Henry Trevor’s death in May 1897.

PGPT008 shows part of the terrace of 7 houses which Henry Trevor built in the 1860s to form Chester Place. They were designed by the architect Edward Boardman. The low walls between the houses were built to the same design as balustrades in the Plantation (PGPT022) and the pedestals, like the one visible here at the end of the wall, are very similar to those around the fountain in the garden (cf PGPT356), using flints and Gunton fancy bricks.

PGPT009 shows two houses in Chester Place (Chester House in the foreground. The Rosary on the left) which were owned by Henry Trevor and included in the 1897 sale.