PGPT063 and 230

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PGPT063 and 230
Date 1919/20
Source Detail from photograph in Green family album

In the family album. George Colman Green, son of George Green, has written ‘The North Elmham Naval Boys at the Plantation, 1919-20’ On the same page is a photograph of the boys in their sailor hats with the Lady Mayoress (Mrs Green). She can be seen sitting in the background here. Another photgraph (not shown) has George Green standing on the upper lawn with a group of more than 20 school boys from Bethnal Green, London, who were visiting the Plantation.

The balustrading and walls of the Italian terrace (Guide book 2009 p37) rise up behind the seated figures. The Gothic alcove (Guide book 2009 p34), covered with ivy, can be seen at the left, and there seem to be the remains of a large curved window (?) abutting the terrace wall in the centre.