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Date: 1909
Source: Boulton and Paul 1909 catalogue

This photograph of the interior of the Palm House, built in 1895, at Carrow House, owned by the Colman family (of Colman’s mustard fame), gives us the best idea we can have of the interior of the Palm House in the Plantation (PGPT003). We know from the 1897 auction particulars that the Plantation Palm House was fitted with a fountain,as shown here in the Carrow one.

Work began on the restoration of the Carrow House conservatory in 2004 (cf article EDP 13.05.2004, which reproduces a Boulton & Paul drawing of the outside).

Fragments of a Doulton fountain, very similar to the fountain in this photograph, were found on the lawn of the Beeches in the 1980s (PGPT189), and it appears in 20c. photographs taken in that area (PGPT014).