PGPT076 and 077

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PGPT076 and 077
Date 1883 and 1898
Source Boulton & Paul catalogues

On the left, a ‘check end saddle boiler’, of interest because the 1897 auction particulars inform us that the Palm House was heated ‘by two saddle boilers in an underground stoke-hole, approached by a glazed entrance, and with brick flue and chimney, well screened by trees’. The glazed entrance can be seen to the right of the Palm House in PGPT003, and was reproduced in 2000. The underground hole still exists, not yet made safe for public viewing, and the flue has been unearthed on the bank to the East. Each boiler and fittings cost about £15.

On the right, a variety of designs for garden chairs, wood and iron, rustic and plain, mostly cost less than £1.