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Date: probably 1850-60
Source: The Trevor family

This photograph is probably of Henry Trevor. The inscription on the back of the original, in the Trevor family’s collection of photographs, reads ‘Great-grandfather Trevor’. Unfortunately, because of a marriage of cousins, there were 2 great-grandfather Trevors – Henry and his brother Frederick. As Henry was the prosperous one it seems more likely that he afforded a photograph.

Henry was born in Wisbech but came to work in Norwich as a young man (see PGPT079 for the opening of his business in Norwich). He married his employer’s daughter, Mrs Mary Page, and became stepfather to her 3 young sons. The eldest, John Page, became a partner in his business. Henry and Mary had several children of their own, but only one, Eliza, survived to adulthood.

In 1855 Henry bought the lease of an old quarry just outside the city walls and built a fine house (PGPT067), then started creating a picturesque garden in the quarry.

He was a very active member of the Baptist church, worshipping and indeed maintaining a chapel in Pottergate (provision of candles, coal and maintenance appear in his account book). He transferred to St Mary’s Baptist church when elderly, and took part in building plans there.