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Date : July 2007
Source: photograph by volunteer

In 1980 the ruins of a thatched summerhouse (PGPT255) were found on the lawn beside the Beeches. No such structure was shown in that position on the 1883 O.S. map. However, the map did show a structure with measurements corresponding to the remaining sections at the top of the terrace at the south end, and it was clear that a summerhouse in this position would look most fitting.

This prompted the Trust in 2002 to raise funds to recreate a summerhouse there, using the evidence of a photograph of 1886 (PGPT415) and the remaining fragments. A small surviving piece of the roof showed that it had been made of heather, and so the reconstruction was roofed with heather. Unfortunately this did not prove successful: it is possible to see in this picture the deterioration of the heather thatched roof which led to reroofing in Norfolk reed in 2008 (cf PGPT090).