PGPT131 and PGPT129

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PGPT131 and PGPT129
Date: October 2007
Source: Photograph by volunteer

This view was taken to show the damage done by foxes digging up the lawn in search of worms and other prey. Urban foxes are a regular nuisance in the centre of Norwich and can often be seen crossing gardens even in broad daylight. For some years they have have made lairs (see PGPT130) and produced cubs in the Plantation, so that the Trust has been forced to place unsightly fences around the flower beds to preserve the plants. It would be very difficult to get rid of them without upsetting many people who (quite rightly) consider that foxes, especially the cubs, are a charming sight.

In the background is another view of the collapse of the south west bank before the retaining wall was restored (see PGPT110, 092/3)