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Date: 1880/1
Source:’My Quest for God’ by John Trevor, frontispiece

Eliza Trevor (1843-1894) was the only surviving daughter of Henry and Mary Trevor. She was married in 1881 to her cousin, John Trevor, who was 11 years her junior. Henry may not have been enthusiastic about this match. John had stayed for periods in Norwich while training to be an architect, and in his autobiography ‘My Quest for God’ told of how he had fallen in love with Eliza, who had already endured a mysterious ‘baptism of fire’. They read sermons together, and it is clear that they both went through nervous crises of faith.

When John was sent abroad, Eliza stayed constant, and on his return they married, in London, not the family chapel in Norwich. John became one of the founders of the ‘Labour Church’ (and is now of interest to students of the early Labour movement). They moved North and had 4 children, of whom 2 survived. Eliza died in Manchester, of breast cancer, when only 51. She is mentioned on the gravestone in Earlham cemetery.