PGPT211 and PGPT103

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PGPT211 and PGPT103
Date: 2007
Source: photographs by volunteer

Ruins in this spot (cf PGPT109) suggested the ‘Gothic’ alcove which the Trust decided to reconstruct in 2007, using original material found in the garden. It is an example of the ‘medievalising’ taste of Henry Trevor, shown also in many of the garden’s walls. For practical reasons it was built lower than the ivy covered remains that appear in the background of PGPT063.

The work of restoring the ‘Gothic’ alcove using materials found in the garden, was undertaken by the building firm W.S. Lusher & Sons. See also PGPT103,105,130, and Guide book 2009 p34. All the builders who have worked on restoration in the garden have become enthusiastic about the unusual designs and materials they have been arranging, and interested in the thinking of the original builders.