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Date: 1838
Source: copy of an original watercolour owned by Bettine Page

This watercolour bears the information that its subject, John Joseph Gray Page, was 2 years 3 months, and the painter was Mrs Turnbull. John wears a skirt, as was usual for little boys in the early 19c, and is brandishing a whip and pulling a cart.

For a summary of his life, see PGPT168. PGPT171 shows him in the garden of his own house, the Elms in Heigham Grove, while PGPT170 shows him surrounded by his workmen at Trevor Page’s workshop. The only photograph of him in the Plantation garden was taken in front of the summerhouse (PGPT415).

In his old age he recalled many memories of his earlier life around Heigham Grove which were published in the Eastern Daily Press in April 1925.

His stepfather Henry Trevor obviously helped him a lot in business, which was only fair since some of Henry Trevor’s own prosperity was founded on the help he had received from Joseph Gray (PGPT158) after whom John was named.