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Date: 1915
Source: family photograph of the Bullard family, donated by Mrs Rintoul nee Bullard, of Edinburgh

Molly Bullard spent her childhood at The Grove, Heigham Grove, and her memories of the house and garden were still vivid when she described them in the 1990s.

This house and garden inevitably influenced Henry Trevor’s ideas for his own property. Joseph Gray, his boss and father-in-law, had bought The Grove in 1831. So when, in 1855, Henry Trevor decided to lease the Plantation, just along the road from Joseph Gray’s house, he was already familiar with a style of gardening that used ‘antique’ decorations to add interest to garden walls. In this photograph, both a ‘medieval’ shield and helmet and a ‘Roman’ bust in a niche are clearly visible. Molly also remembered a ‘ruin’ in the garden, which in her day was used as part of a chicken run! (See also PGPT364)