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Date: early 1990s
Source: photograph by volunteer

This photograph shows the Plantation house still looking much as it did in 1897 (cf PGPT067) but the foreground is very different. The flint/brick shed, built in the 1980s, stands where once the gardener’s cottage (cf PGPT034) and a fruit store stood. The relative positions of master’s house and servant’s cottage reflect the ‘upstairs, downstairs’ relationship between Henry Trevor and his gardener, George Woodhouse. In the 1897 auction particulars the cottage is described as ‘well screened from the house’ and indeed their different levels made that easy to achieve.

During the 1990s a wooden shed was erected next to the brick one and was fitted with units donated by Lorraine Matthews. It served as a base for catering for teas etc and for storage. A new enlarged shed is planned for summer 2013.