PGPT304 and PGPT312

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PGPT304 and PGPT312
Date: 1998
Source: photograph by volunteer

In 1998 the Norwich Society was celebrating its 75th anniversary and invited suggestions for projects to commemorate the occasion. Fortunately for the PGPT, the restoration of a bridge had been one of the Society’s original projects, and so it was agreed that it would bear half the expense of restoring our bridge.

Allan Sewell, a local architect who had been involved in the PGPT from its early days, designed the bridge after close study of the 1893 map, the site and the few existing photographs. He was pleased to find, once building was under way, that the builders uncovered the original bases of the bridge just where he had placed them.

PGPT312 shows the view from the bridge in 1998 – compare with the 1897 view PGPT001.