Date: 2007
Source: photograph by Dubravka Yarwood

Nick Belfield-Smith became Chairman in 2007 after working for many years at a wide variety of tasks in the garden – planting, making compost, building bonfires, putting up gazebos, persuading Floranova to sponsor plants and many more.

Date: 2008
Source: photograph by Cynthia Gibling

Marj Wilson was involved as a volunteer in the Plantation from its early days. Later she did more and more organising of planning and planting and became Head gardener. She designed schemes for the rockworks, the beds on and around the Palm house lawn, in the entrance yard and along the West of the main lawn, as well as organising the regular planning and planting of spring and summer beds. She has made beautiful plans to help visitors identify the plants in the garden.

She has regularly shown favouritism towards those plants which originate from her native South Africa!

Date: early 21c
Source: Photograph by volunteer

These 2 volunteers were responsible for many construction projects around the garden e.g. Douglas Stewart, who is wearing a green PG volunteer shirt, made steps, maintained the fountain and looked after the fish as well as organising the appeal to raise money for the reconstruction of the rustic summerhouse. John Gibling has carried out many skilful repairs of damaged woodwork, e.g. of the rustic bridge, hand rails beside steps etc.

Date: October 2007
Source: Photograph by volunteer

Kitty Plaskitt was one of the original volunteers who regularly worked in the garden from 1980 until she died in 2013.

Date 2004
Source Photgraph by volunteer

‘Britain in Bloom’ is a competition organised between various parts of Britain. This photograph was taken when the judges visited The Plantation in 2004 as part of the Norwich entry for the competition.

The very attractive planting in the beds originally within the Palm House can be seen here. Marjorie Wilson, Head Gardener, who designed and organised the planting of these beds, is on the right, talking to Sheila Adam (archivist) and Bruce Adam (chairman).

The small glasshouse was erected in 2000 with a grant from the lottery fund for the practical purpose of housing chairs and tables for Sunday teas. The design was copied from old photographs of the glazed entrance to the boiler house as seen in PGPT002.

Date: July 2005
Source: photograph by volunteer

Two committee members are leading ‘Britain in Bloom’ visitors across the rustic bridge.

Date May 2006
Source Photograph by volunteer

Dubravka, Janet and Jill. A typical sight of volunteers at work on a regular Tuesday morning. Of interest is the tree fern, donated by a visitor to the garden. It was decided to accept the gift, although there is no evidence that tree ferns were planted in the garden in the 19c. They were a very popular plant in Victorian gardens – Heligan has many examples. Unfortunately the very cold winter 2010/11 killed this specimen.

The ‘blind arcading’ built into the terrace wall behind the volunteer workers is a good illustration of the ecclesiastical appearance of many structures in the garden. Below the arcading is a niche which ressembles nothing so much as a ‘holy water stoup’ – an unlikely choice for an ardent Baptist!


PGPT269, PGPT271, PGPT272
Date: 2004
Source: photographs by volunteers

Margaret, Nancy and Sue all did stalwart work as volunteers, organising and serving teas on summer Sundays.Nancy was a committee member for many years also.

Many hands have always been required, not only to serve teas, but to make the 200 or more cakes needed every summer to supply the tea stall.

Date: 2004
Source: photograph by volunteer

Nancy with visitors on the day of the fete.

Date: September 2007
Source: Photograph by volunteer

Volunteers here make use of the newly finished shelter to take their mid-morning break. The ‘Tuesday Group’ was so named because they meet regularly on Tuesday mornings to do gardening, repairs and construction work. Their efforts over the years have made a great contribution to the garden.

Date: July 2008
Source: photograph by volunteer

This picture shows a group of volunteers who work on Tuesday mornings on all the gardening jobs needed to keep the Plantation looking attractive for visitors. Left – right they are Cynthia (who set up and runs the web site), Marj (Head Gardener), Janet, Dubravka and Jill. The picture was taken on the triangle above the entrance yard, where much hard work is done in propagating plants both for the garden and to sell.

N.b in the background a polytunnel which was later replaced with a permanent greenhouse in 2009.

Date: 2008
Source: photograph by Dubravka Yarwood

John Scotting has been a long term member of the Tuesday group of volunteers. His speciality has been pruning, and the very many old shrubs in the garden give him plenty of scope.

Date: 2010
Volunteer Barry

Date: October 2010
Volunteer Jonathan

Date: May 2010
Volunteer Graham

Date: July 2012
Source: Merged photograph from 2 by volunteers Graham and Cynthia

The Tuesday Team

Our Tuesday gardening and maintenance volunteers.