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Source: Spelman (auctioneers) included this photograph in their particulars of sale of the lease of the Plantation house and garden. The sale was held after Henry Trevor’s death in May 1897.

This view was taken looking South from the rustic bridge (254, 281,283,304,373?,374,402). It shows clearly the overall ‘bowl’ shape of the garden, which was built in an old chalk quarry. Even before chalk was quarried flints were mined there.
Various structures can be seen: prominent in the centre is the ‘Gothic’ fountain(), ‘Italian’ balustrades and terraces() can be seen at the far end, and the 1871 Palm House and Winter Garden() is visible at the right.
H.T’s gardening style shows emphasis on carpet bedding in the 5 flower beds(), with ‘exotics’ as ‘dot’ plants along the edge of the lawn and slopes planted with trees.