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Date: 15th October 1842
Source: The Norwich Mercury newspaper

This advertisement was placed in the newspaper by Henry Trevor as he opened his shop in Exchange Street (then called Post-Office Street) which ran from the market square down to the river. The salesmanship is skilful: the wide range of products, their modernity, high quality and low prices, combined with promises of personal attention to a wide range of customers over a wide area are all such enticements as might be offered today. Today, though, a customer would not expect to have to read so many words in an initial approach! Henry Trevor also differs from modern practice with his strict insistence on ready money only!

Henry Trevor was only 23 when he set up shop on his own account. As the advertisement says he had been an assistant to Mr Gray, whose shop was nearby. Mr Gray was happy to support Henry who was about to marry his eldest daughter, the widow Mrs. Mary Page.

The business was very successful and it was in part the profit from this which enabled Henry to create the Plantation garden.