PGPT151 and PGPT154

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PGPT151 and PGPT154
Date: 1930s
Source: Advertising brochure for nursing home in 1930s

After the death of George Green in 1929 a group of doctors took over the lease of the Plantation and set up a clinic and nursing home. (Since the garden was opened to the public in 1980 many visitors have told us their memories of family members who were born or worked at the Plantation – see PGPT137-146).

Professional photographs were taken by A.E.Coe and Sons Ltd, Norwich, to illustrate the facilities available for patients. These 2 photographs show (left) one of the upstairs bedrooms, with views down on to the garden, and (right) the operating theatre, downstairs to the right of the front door. The window on the left of the picture has been altered to let in more light; this feature can be seen as you approach the north side of the house from Earlham Rd.