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Date: 1830s
Source: oil portrait owned by descendants of Joseph Gray

Joseph Gray (see PGPT158) was able to afford to have this portrait painted of his 3 daughters (left to right) Mary, Eliza and Sarah. Sarah married but was childless, for Eliza see PGPT157, and Mary(1815-1902) married twice. In 1834 her first marriage was to Wm Durrant Page, a bookseller on Gentleman’s Walk. Unfortunately he died young in 1841, leaving his widow, Mary, with 3 small boys. The eldest of these had been marked out as heir to his grandfather by his name – John Joseph Gray Page. (see PGPT007).

Mary’s second marriage, in 1843, was to Henry Trevor (see PGPT106).Although they had several children, only one daughter, Eliza, survived to adulthood (see PGPT162). Mary herself reached a ripe old age and is buried, with her father and husband, in the family tomb in Earlham cemetery.