PGPT235 and PGPT245

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PGPT235 and PGPT245
Date: March 2009
Source: photograph by volunteer

The PGPT was very grateful to receive a legacy from a well-wisher, Michael Andrews, who left the PGPT over £50,000 when he died in 2007. It was decided to spend this on an Alitex, Victorian-style, double-glazed, aluminium-framed green house to replace the polytunnel which had done service since 2003. The green house has helped the gardeners considerably in their work of propagating and tending plants both for the garden and for sale.

This picture shows it in the course of construction. PGPT245 shows the finished structure. While this greenhouse is not an exact replica of the original (and we have no evidence of its appearance), it is typical of the style of the time.