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Date: 1980
Source: photograph by volunteer

Here we see the remains of a thatched rustic summer house which were found on the lawn near the Plantation house in 1980.The ‘swan’ panels on either side of the door were preserved by the PGPT for several years (cf PGPT331), but they eventually deteriorated to the point of no return.
Examination of these panels and other details proved that this was the summer house in the background of the family photograph of 1886 (PGPT415)
In 2002 the PGPT obtained grants and appealed to members for the sum necessary to pay for a reproduction summer house, built by a specialist firm, to be constructed at the top of the Italian terrace (cf PGPT135).
For further discussion about the original position of the summerhouse and its restoration see Ex Fonte no.22, 2002 p.11 and no.23, 2003 p.9.