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Date: 1980s
Source: photograph by volunteer

This is one of the pair of pedestals that stand at the top of the steps of the Italian terrace. It is notable in several ways. Each of the other pedestals that you pass as you ascend the slope has a different design: here the opposing faces of the two pedestals have the same design, of a shield set within a cusped window frame, with the initials HMB above a design of a tasselled rope.

What significance do these initials have for Henry Trevor? H could be for Henry, M for his wife Mary, B, slightly oddly, for her middle name, Beakley. This is probably the interpretation that Henry Trevor wanted his visitors to understand, an interpretation which would have made him smile. For the plaque that we see here was not custom made for Henry Trevor. It must have been a ‘spare’ from another job of Gunton Bros (see PGPT325/6)