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Date: 1997
Source: detail from PGPT337

By the time of Henry Trevor’s death, he was well known enough for reports of his brief illness and death to be reported at length in the local papers. There was a brief ceremony at the house, then a procession ‘led by the head gardener’ and managers from the works joined the carriages in the road to proceed to the cemetery. Nearly 100 employees came to the cemetery, and the mourners listed included many eminent businessmen of the city – including George Green, who would lease the Plantation some 20 years later (see PGPT059-63).

Mary (1815-1902, see PGPT159) his wife has left little trace in the records, though her remarkably long life stretched from the battle of Waterloo to the arrival of motor cars. She was married and widowed twice, and bore at least six children, of whom 4 survived to adulthood. Considering how much time and money Henry Trevor spent on the garden, one hopes that she enjoyed it too. Her father, Joseph Gray’s will indicates that he valued his garden, with its vinery, hothouse and busts, so her upbringing trained her well!

Poor Eliza (seePGPT162) died before her parents. Her 2 sons were Henry Trevor’s main heirs.