PGPT351 and PGPT 353

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PGPT351 (left)
Date: 1850s
Source: History of the Norfolk and Norwich Horticultural Society (1929)

Henry Trevor joined the N & N HS in the 1850s even before he started to create the Plantation garden. The society was founded in 1829, and early objectives seem as much charitable as horticultural. Members wanted ‘to raise the moral character of the poorer classes of the community’ and by presenting small prizes (medals, or a spoon or 16 shillings) to encourage them ‘to make the most of their small plots’ and reap ‘The Reward of Industry’ – the vegetables and flowers shown in the vignette. In 1889 and 1892 the Heigham HS held shows in the ‘charming and picturesque grounds’ of the Plantation.

PGPT353 (right)
The illustration of chrysanthemums is taken from J.C. Loudon’s Encylopedia of Gardening (1850), a very popular book which Henry Trevor must have known. Henry Trevor exhibited and won prizes in the Chrysanthemum shows held by the N & N HS.