PGPT356 and PGPT357

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PGPT356 and PGPT357
Date: 1990s
Source: photograph by volunteer

These are two of the six pedestals which punctuate the wall surrounding the fountain. They must date to 1857, when it was built (see PGPT186). It is interesting to note that each of themis different, though each uses a window frame which matches a pattern in Gunton Bros catalogue. The central motif for each can also be matched – to chimneys in the catalogue, no. 7 (on left), which cost £2 17s 6d, and no.16 (on right), which cost £3. The ‘background’ has been filled in with pebble flints.

The overall design of these pedestals is very similar to the pedestals in front of the houses in Chester Place (see PGPT008), which Henry Trevor built in 1867, employing Edward Boardman (see PGPT375) as architect. We know that Henry Trevor employed him also for the Palm House in 1871: did he work at this early stage of his career on the fountain, or did Henry Trevor ask him to copy a design that he liked, invented by somebody else?