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Date: 1995
Source: photograph by volunteer Sheila Adam

The Plantation house exterior looks very similar in modern times to its 1897 appearance (cf PGPT067). From this angle, it is possible to see how Henry Trevor chose to build on a slightly elevated site, planning that the drive dipped from the Earlham road, then rose again up to the entrance of the house. A visitor would thus feel that he was arriving at an imposing residence, not a mere tradesman’s house. As the 1897 auction particulars stated, it was ‘within a few minutes walk of the Market Place, possessing, at the same time, all the advantages of a suburban retreat’.

From this angle we can also see the roof of the servants’ quarters at the back of the house, and the curious window on the north, created when that room was turned into the operating theatre of the clinic in the 1930s (cf PGPT154).